Solitude: Life Lessons for an Isolated World

A 4 hour course, designed for our current time of pandemic and beyond, on isolation, loneliness and solitude that will explore the ways in which a richer understanding of solitude as a way of life can help you and your community engage more deeply in what it means to be human.



Being separated from all that is familiar can be very unsettling and feelings of panic and loneliness can make life seem unbearable at times.  This course will take a closer look concepts of solitude throughout time and history to gain an awareness of what times like these have the potential to produce.  


Millions have been forced into self-isolation and virtually the whole world is caught in a liminal space between what was and whatever life will look like post-pandemic.  This course will explore the difference between isolation, solitude and loneliness as we venture forth into some new realities.


There is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of solitude.  This course will delve into techniques and ideas for enhancing our understanding and practice of solitude that offer ways to carry that understanding into our post-isolation lives.

4 Week Outline

In week one we will delve into a brief history of solitude.  From the Egyptian Mystics, to the Romantic Poets, to Technological Apps of today we will explore what solitude and isolation has looked liked and produced throughout the ages. 

In week 2 we will be exploring the difference between solitude and loneliness and taking a closer look at why on is positive and why the other could be negative.

In week 3 we are going to be talking about how understanding our emotions allows us to experience deeper levels of appreciation for life even in the midst of turmoil.

In week 4 we are going to dive deeper into learning how to engage solitude after a return from the chaos.

What you can expect

  • This course was recorded over a period of 4 weeks and was taught LIVE on zoom. 
  • You will have access to all the weekly recordings as well as an opportunity to see some of the students engage post lecture. 
  • Each lecture lasts about an hour.
  • Have questions?  Email us at [email protected]

"All the lonely people, where do they all come from?"

-Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles