Futureproof: A Road Map Through Pandemic and Beyond

A three-week, six-part course that will undertake an exploration of church in the time of pandemic. This is a follow-up to our main Field Guide course and will seek to equip church leaders and their teams with the necessary tools to navigate through the uncertainty of the pandemic-times. The challenges, restrictions and uncertainties of the lockdown and continuing restrictions on public and social gatherings have created vacuums in church leadership strategies and community gathering. This course will offer alternate leadership strategies combined with robust theological perspective to help churches re-frame and re-shape their futures.  
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Growing Confusion

We are months into a global pandemic that has had a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. It has been a challenging time for all of us. Covid-19 has generated all kinds of speculation and expert opinion, we still understand little of the full ramifications of this pandemic. There is growing confusion as the noise of competing information fights for our attention. The one thing we can be sure of is that how this will all play out remains uncertain.  What we do know is that whatever plans and strategies we had in place before the pandemic are unlikely to be relevant going forward. Nobody planned for this and the shifts that have occurred in our personal, national and community lives are challenging our core assumptions.


A Time for Re-Shaping

Churches of all kinds have seen the end to business-as-usual, and even with the easing of restrictions that allow for restricted physical gatherings in some areas, whatever unfolds will probably not revert to anything like the prior normal for some time, if ever. The pandemic is demanding that we reshape our agendas and retool our strategies to reflect what we know and to prepare for an uncertain future. Taking a wait and see approach is tempting but we know that the time to act is now, both to lock in the changes already made and to accelerate our recovery. After the 2008 global financial crisis 40% of S&P 500 companies saw their fortunes fade as they hesitated because of uncertainty.

Raising the Game

We believe that organizations and communities must raise their game across three main areas: adaptability, prediction and resilience. Organizations need to focus on resilience against the shocks and continued impact of Covid-19 and become more adaptable to changing circumstances. Talking about prediction in an incredibly uncertain time seems counter-intuitive but we tend to make assumptions in times of upheaval, and this can cause us to miss other opportunities. Good prediction never assumes that what we do today will work in the future and recognizes that incremental change will only get us so far. Instead, good prediction adopts a set of lenses that can help us uncover the biggest uncertainties our communities face and where adaptability and change might work best.

3-Week Outline

What this conversation is all about

What are the next steps in moving from conversation to action when it comes to building your pandemic and post-pandemic community, organization or church?  We have surveyed the cultural landscapes, asked questions of theology and what innovation might look like and we have explored aspects of design thinking, poising us for launch and relaunch of communities based on identified needs and human experience.  Yet, as prepared and as well positioned as anyone could have been, the pandemic created brand new rules.  So, how do we engage our pandemic and post-pandemic world(s) with vitality, viability and visibility?

Over three weeks and six sessions, we are going to explore mechanisms of change, shifts in perspective, leadership for re-positioning, what the Bible has to say on some of these matters and how to approach and an unknown future with an ethos of risk and an ecosystem of sustainability, flexibility and imagination.

Not only will you glean from each week's lecture, but you will gain a valuable community of leaders and thinkers just like you who can empathize and encourage, as we journey together!

We do hope you'll join us!

What you can expect

  • This course starts LIVE Monday, November 30th at 1pm PST via zoom.
  • This course will run twice a week, Mondays and Fridays for three weeks.
  • For those who can't make the LIVE lecture it will be posted to watch at your leisure on our learning platform.
  • If you are purchasing this course after it has started you can go through the course from the beginning and still interact with the instructors in the archive learning section of each week.
  • Each weekly lecture lasts for about an hour or so and there will be a time of Q&A to further engage the content and instructors.
  • There are no assignments, but you can expect sessions packed with content as well as recommended reading and resources.

Lead Instructors:

Joined by special guests:

"The only thing that is clear is that the virus will shatter the very foundations of our lives...There is no return to normal, the new ‘normal’ will have to be constructed on the ruins of our old lives.”

-Slavoj Žižek