Deconstruction: Can These Bones Live?

This four-week course will explore the contours of deconstruction, identifying key points of departure, affirming ideological struggles and offering pathways for confronting and mourning the horror of what has been lost. That we might find new ways of understanding what it means to believe and how that might impact the way we live.
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Points of Departure

Where does deconstruction start? The roots, causes and symptoms of deconstructive desire are diverse and complex. For some it is born out of religious frustration, for others it represents a developmental step in a theological trajectory. However deconstruction begins it holds both challenge and promise. Hurdles must be addressed and issues must be faced.

Ideological Struggle

Central to deconstruction is the dismantling of ideological constructs that have become hindrances to emotional and spiritual well-being. How we understand the nature of belief, the goals of faith, and the purposes of religion are key to the deconstruction process and are vital in ensuring that deconstruction does not become destruction. The struggle is real, ideologies don’t die easily. 

New Pathways

Is there a future after deconstruction, after the embrace of doubt and the rejection of a world built on false certainties? The mystics spoke of a ‘wayless way;’ a path that one has to walk, a journey that must be experienced and not just spoken about. The deconstructed path is not a paved highway, but a journey through the wilderness. It’s a risky adventure but one that holds immense promise and hope. 

4-Week Outline

What this conversation is all about

The world is rapidly changing, the ground beneath our feet seems to be continually moving and old certainties have given way to new doubts and anxieties. Nowhere is this perhaps more apparent than in the world of religion. Many have little time for religion at all, preferring to make their own way in the world, and those who do stick with religion often find themselves confronting stale dogmas and experiencing a crisis of belief. Deconstruction has become a by-word for what it means to think about faith in the 21st century-so much needs to be overcome before faith can have any meaning for those who were shaped by religious institutions.

What you can expect

  • This course starts LIVE Thursday, March 11th at 1pm PST/9pm GMT via zoom.
  • For those who can't make the LIVE lecture it will be posted to watch at your leisure on our learning platform.
  • If you are purchasing this course after it has started you can go through the course from the beginning and still interact with the instructors in the archive learning section of each week.
  • Each weekly lecture lasts for about an hour or so and there will be a time of Q&A to further engage the content and instructors.
  • There are no assignments, but you can expect sessions packed with content as well as recommended reading and resources.

Barry Taylor

Co-Director of H&Co, a theologian-philosopher, musician, artist, academic and writer who has spent more than thirty years challenging traditional notions of religion and church and creating alternative communities built on the idea that life is uncertain, the future is unwritten and that none of us has the answer.

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Maria French

Co-Creator of H&Co, the tenure of her career has been in theological education, as both professor and administrator.  Maria has also worked in innovative church contexts, church planting and denominational leadership. She is focused on the intersections of faith and culture, offering new forums for faith engagement and theological imaginations that are viable and sustainable for an uncertain future. 

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“Deconstruction insists not that truth is illusional, but that it is institutional.”

-Terry Eagleton