We don't always realize the religious trauma we carry around and how it effects us...


Whether you have grown up in the church and moved on, or maybe you are trying to discover a meaningful faith engagement with substance and gravitas-sometimes we need help in navigating through some of what we believe and why we might believe it.

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Personal Theology

Alongside our courses we offer personalized services catered to your specific needs. Whether you are an individual in transition or part of a team seeking to guide a community through change we are here to help you.  We work with you as you examine your own learning practices and communication style, helping you to isolate areas where you might be static or needing some new learning.

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Navigating Belief

The pace of change around us and our organizations can feel over-whelming and keeping communities and teams vibrant, particularly when navigating change. With many years of practical congregational experience and a deep knowledge of the complexities and challenges of community life we can help you design and then journey through the experience of transformational change.

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Holistic Leaders

We work with leaders because we know from experience that more often than not when we have a stuck community, or organization, we have stuck leaders. Part of our consulting philosophy is that our job is to help you see what you can’t see and help you to come to know what you didn’t know you needed to know.  We help you take these resources for making change and give you support as you journey through the process.

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Cultural Philosophy

We can help you to think about the language with which you think and talk about faith in a post-Christian culture; too often people simply want to reclaim and rehabilitate old language, a practice we feel has not proven very successful. Our approach is to help you discover new language, liberated from the negative freight which often surrounds Christian communication. 

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Free First Session!

Want to figure out if theological coaching is the right next step for you?  Whether you are trying to figure out your own theological shifts or whether you are leading your church, community or organization through complex changes, theological coaching offers a robust and transformative process as you navigate your next moves with personalized curriculum, coaching and counseling.

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