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Our campuses are virtual but our learning is (a)live...

The way we learn is changing.  The way is which we have access to knowledge is greater than ever before!  We believe presence is important.  We have designed our offerings in a variety of ways to fit your learning style and lifestyle.  From recorded lectures, to live teaching and in person experiences, we want to offer life and learning to you in its full spectrum.

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Religion has mostly always been humanity's mechanism for meaning making so what does it look like as culture shifts and evolves.  Our faith frameworks must as well.  What does it mean to tell new stories that invoke culture rather than push against it?

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We know you don't always have time to keep your pulse on the changing cultural currents that enact upon how we engage our faith.  So we do it for you!  Via our monthly offerings, cohorts and in person experiences we bring to you the latest, relevant discoveries and why it matters.

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This journey is a collaborative one.  We bring together a variety of instructors, experts, thinkers, contexts and forums to deliver you the best of what you need to continue on in a dynamic and meaningful faith that makes sense for the times in which we live.

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This work is about the larger conversation.  Staying connected to what is happening in the world and what that means for how we believe, why we believe and what we do with it.  No need to go it alone!  Join us as we move the story forward, together!

Campus 1



  • A one hour lecture each month
  • The lecture will involve topics such as current events, culture, technology, religion and, of course, innovation, imagination and reconfiguration 
  • 10% discount or all H&Co courses and experiences
Available soon!

Campus 2



  • All the offerings of Campus 1
  • A one-on-one with Barry or Maria to discuss more in depth the material from lecture (30 minutes)
  • 15% off all courses and contexts
  • Exclusive early bird specials offered for H&Co courses
Available soon!

Campus 3



  • All the offerings of Campus 2
  • A live 4-week course each month that will continue to provide continuing education and cultural forums for your faith
  • 20% off courses and contexts and COACHING
Available soon!

Join us as we embark on an innovative journey that embraces imagination and complexity when it comes to Christianity in the 21st Century.

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