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American Epiphany

By Barry Taylor

"The spirits that I summoned up, I can no longer control." -Von Goethe

On the sixth of January, The Feast of Epiphany, a day of revelation, something unsavory was ‘revealed’ on the steps of the US Capitol building as elected officials gathered to perform a political ritual. The mob that invaded the Capitol and attempted what seemed to be at least an attempt at the disruption of political process and at the worst a very disorganized coup, revealed the dark, conflicted soul of America. In spite of all the ‘this is not who we are as Americans’ comments, this is actually exactly who we are; a nation mired in conspiracy theories and disaffection, polarized and divided, unable to distinguish fact from fiction. In fact, often conflating fiction for fact. 

The revelation, the epiphany, is that things long allowed to fester in the collective psyche have risen to the surface and exploded the myth of American tolerance and generosity....

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Coronavirus and Racism: A Tale of Two Pandemics

By Maria French

            As the coronavirus pandemic swept the world earlier this year most of us never imagined that we would be facing another pandemic of even more epic and grave proportions, racism.  In a few short months all of our lives have fundamentally changed because of the Covid pandemic.  But it only took 8 minutes and 46 seconds for the world to change because of the long and deep seeded pandemic of racism.  And by change, I mean a pot boiled over in which finally enough was enough.

            Coronavirus and Racism – insidious sickness distorting all of life.  Wreaking immeasurable havoc in all aspects of life and often seemingly too powerful to stop.  Coronavirus caused churches to quickly move online.  Racism caused churches to quickly move to the streets.

            Churches scrambled to...

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