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When the 'Queen of Peace' is not listening

culture death lent ukraine Mar 02, 2022

By Barry Taylor

Last week as the crisis in the Ukraine was unfolding and tensions were increasing, Pope Francis called for people to fast for peace on Ash Wednesday, praying that “the Queen of Peace will preserve the world from the madness of war.” The Queen of Peace seems to not be listening at present in spite of the desires and prayers of much of the world. Whether we fast or pray this Ash Wednesday is a matter of personal choice and conscience, but it might not be a bad idea to spare a moment to reflect on the state of the world at the moment.

The sense of liberation that filled us all at the end of the pandemic lockdowns is suddenly tempered by the sobering and tragic events unfolding in the Ukraine. The pandemic gave us many insights (whether we wanted them or not) and chief among them was the somewhat contradictory revelation that our isolation also revealed how interconnected our world is. And now a conflict in one part of Europe spreads fears and...

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