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The Art, Theology and Emancipation of Lil Nas X

By Maria French

Yesterday on our podcast we had a conversation on all the controversy the Lil Nas X video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”  The conservative community, both Christian and Political, have been up in arms about it since it was released on Friday.  The satanic panic from the 80’s and 90’s seems to have been resurrected amid Holy Week, Satan Shoes and a lap dance in hell (literally).  Not only do we think the narrative Lil Nas X portrayed in his video was profoundly theological, but it was also deeply artful, full of courage and done with a poignant clarity into a culture of purity and anti-LGBTQ sentiment that the conservative church has long claimed.  

In any case, Inside Edition picked up on our podcast and some of our commentary on the video and what we think might be happening in the culture it is provoking.  Our sentiments are heavily quoted up against some really negative voices in American Christianity and the political sphere and how they have responded to Lil Nas X’s song, video and subsequent tweets. 

We invite you to check out the article here.  It is really well written and gives you the scope of what is happening and, more importantly, how it is acting as a barometer in terms of cultural competency of the church.  Unfortunately, competency appears to continue to be at an all-time low.  And it isn’t surprising another opportunity to raise up art, prophetic and theological statements, empowerment of a marginalized people group and a strong sentiment of someone owning their humanity, facing and conquering their demons (which was actually the church!) is not only lost on the American conservative church, but misconstrued, maligned and maimed. 

But that is the thing about art.  It will always provoke, always disrupt, liberate, emancipate and, more importantly, it tells the truth.  Bravo, Lil Nas X.  We loved it.

Click here to read the article featured by Inside Edition.


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