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H&Co in 2020

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

By: Maria French

A bit late for a New Year's post, perhaps.  This picture was taken in Moscow a few months ago as I rang in the holidays in a most magical place!  New Year's was the holiday to celebrate in Moscow!  Bigger than Christmas in Russian culture for sure!  And all I could think about was the new year; for myself, for my life and for H&Co.  And now it is time to tell you all about it!

When we ended 2019 we ended a few things.  One of which our amazing partnership with the DOC as Hatchery LA.  As you can see Hatchery LA does not exist anymore.  H&Co has now been born and represents the expansion and new directions we have started to go as an organization.  No longer beholden to a geographic location or a partnering organization, H&Co now belongs to the collective (or company) of people that make the work possible!  A throw back to our roots (Hatchery) and a wish for our future (human), H&Co seeks to bring you courses, curriculum, coaching and training all developed to poise the 21st century faith seeker for a deeper, more meaningful and sustainable faith.  

It is hard to know where to look first when it comes to shifting cultural landscapes, politics and technology, social media and identity curation, economic trends, religion and secularization in the West, just to name a few.  We are living in a time of post-EVERYTHING.  Post church, post god, post Christian, post modern, post liberal, post YOU NAME IT.  It is getting more and more difficult to sign onto one type of ideology, especially when that ideology hasn't been interrogated or agitated well enough to be good enough for our 21st century lives.  So many people are leaving their faith frameworks behind because they simply don't make the sense they used to.  They have not moved forward as the rest of our lives have moved forward.  And so they become outmoded and, of course, inevitably left behind.  

We have all heard about the nones and dones, about how the millennials are lost and how the church is in the biggest decline in history.  This is old news.  What we are interested in here are new ways forward; new ways to build a future of faith that we can get behind and believe in.  We are interested in new ways of engaging god, theology, faith communities and meaning making.  We are interested in god's future and what kind of future that might be in a culture that is post traditional notions of god.  We have some ideas about this.  We have some ideas about how faith can be more than just lip service to something we think we believe.  We have some notions about what it might look like to consider new and innovative ways of doing theology; ways that involve telling new parables and putting some of this stuff through the crucible of culture to see where needs are being met and where they aren't.  

H&Co is about a community, a collective, a company seeking to invite you into a better story.  One where intellect and reason do not have to be sacrificed on the altars of faith but rather is lifted up, celebrated and integrated as we reimagine together the future of our faith.


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