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H&Co in 2020

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

By: Maria French

A bit late for a New Year's post, perhaps.  This picture was taken in Moscow a few months ago as I rang in the holidays in a most magical place!  New Year's was the holiday to celebrate in Moscow!  Bigger than Christmas in Russian culture for sure!  And all I could think about was the new year; for myself, for my life and for H&Co.  And now it is time to tell you all about it!

When we ended 2019 we ended a few things.  One of which our amazing partnership with the DOC as Hatchery LA.  As you can see Hatchery LA does not exist anymore.  H&Co has now been born and represents the expansion and new directions we have started to go as an organization.  No longer beholden to a geographic location or a partnering organization, H&Co now belongs to the collective (or company) of people that make the work possible!  A throw back to our roots (Hatchery) and a wish for our future (human), H&Co seeks to bring you...

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